Reusable non-face-to-face identification solution

for both private users and those obliged to apply KYC procedures under AML/CTF regulations. Spend your time wisely.



To address the current market deficiencies, we are developing lastverify – a platform designed to serve as an identification and verification intermediary.

lastverify will allow you to save time by making an identification once and further use it to interact with counterparties.

lastverify will work with your personal data with due care – in accordance with the high standards set by the GDPR and equivalent regulations, allowing you to have the fullest control over the processing of your information.


Use Cases

Reusable KYC source

To open an account at the financial service provider, cryptocurrency exchange or any other KYC obliged entity that may seek identification.

Login alternative

At websites, instead of the registration procedure and entering login and password every time, wireless internet connections in public places.

Verified public profile

For instance, this can be used for independent professions and freelancers, employment history tracking and references. Also, a good way to publish your payment details and not let someone scam your customer by providing false invoices or replaced payment details.

Access office, hotel or shared car

Mobile app will facilitate entrance to the office buildings, as well as opening hotel rooms or a shared car. Instantly, service providers will have fully verified necessary details to register the guest in a hotel or comply with any other legal obligations.

Digital signature

Sign an electronic document securely with the app, and we will verify the counterparties and the fact of execution.

ID in your mobile

Send your ID or any other information to the counterparty in one click (e.g., if the shop has to verify your identity for a high amount purchase).

Check-out alternative

In e-commerce (e.g. buying airplane tickets, checking out in an online shop, booking a hotel).

Multi-factor authentication

To avoid identity theft, online services may use lastverify as a means of additional authentication.

Automated age verification solution

Machines with age restrictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) – harder to use than just ID from another person, since the app is protected by additional access measures (such as PIN, Touch ID or Face ID).

Large number of use cases due to cooperation with developers

Developers may create their own use cases and integrate lastverify into their products. lastverify will have its own Marketplace and Developer API soon after launch, so developers are welcome to add their products on a free, one-off payment or subscription basis.

For individuals

Use of internet does not remain untracked – every person leaves a so-called digital footprint. Many companies are known to facilitate the digital footprint and earn considerable funds by selling such information in various ways. Unfortunately, users often are not aware that their digital footprint, and particularly the valuable part of it – personal data – is being intensively monetized.

The next logical step would be to enable users to profit from their digital footprint. Such an approach could allow development of a consensus model to balance the interests of both entities that will continue to utilize the data and the users who will continue to expand their digital footprint and allow the use of it for commercial purposes.

lastverify for personal use will go live in

Modern technologies enable an increasing number of non-face-to-face interaction options. From the perspective of a person that seeks to be identified, every new non-faceto-face interaction means going through all identification procedures that may be in place, without an option to refer to other entities that have already performed the identification, even if it was only a few minutes previously. Any update in the identification information must be notified to the counterparties as well, which results in extra hours of communication. In the case of freelancers, frequent identification is inevitable, therefore a comfortable solution could save a significant amount of time.

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About us

lastverify is a trading name of LASTVERIFY LLP, registered in the UK under the company number OC422770. For the purpose of highest data protection standards lastverify is regulated by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Processor under the Reference number ZA424411.

To become a reliable source of verified information, lastverify has adopted measures and procedures to qualify as a ‘third party’ in accordance with the provisions of Articles 25 and 26 of EU Directive 2015/849 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing.

This means that AML/CTF obliged entities are entitled to rely on the information provided by us to meet customer due diligence (KYC) requirements.


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